3 Replies to “World of Warcraft – Eonar’s Room Fanart”

  1. That is gorgeous. And it’s still so great to see how it looks “in the making”, it really gives an idea of the amount of time spent on it. I do not see the “done by a five year old.” at all 🙂 The depth is showing too, so keep at it, that must be one of the hardest parts 😀

    The “room” is stunning on it’s own, and I cannot wait to explore it in game without a group sometime, so I can take my time.

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    1. It’s quite a surreal experience running the boss having drawn the room. I find myself looking at it from every single angle and relating it to bits that I’ve drawn. Might have to draw it from other angles one day – if I can find the time 🙂

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